Interesting Voyage Pictures | Transport Shots – Name That Inscription #1

Clever Butt Picture

Jennifer S: “Moon over Creative ability… ”

Deliver Mate: “Sorry to learn you, butt would I be able to ass you to squeeze floor 8 for me?”

Jay J: “This Jacuzzi sucks… there’s no freakin’ water!”

Chris S: “Tron has nothing on Jubilee!”

Kim N: “John thought he’d spare the journey travelers from walking outside into the cold night air to see the moon rise.”

Marta C: “do you have any tissue my room is hard and fast”

Charlene K: “Lift “G Compel” takes rider to the moon”

Tracy H: “over the radio” “mr. mended, please venture off the lift”

Gordon L: “Terrible moon rising”

Lily E: “Moonscapes”

Mona L: Would you be able to see my tan line”

Tommy D: “I’d take that one back yet it has a part in it… lol”

Weave B: “Moon over please”

Stephanie S: “Fair will give you the moon… ”

Nigel A: “Does my bum look enormous in this?”

Nicola M: “ahah”

Michelle P: “The moon sparkles splendid over the promenade”

Maurice O: “Is this my creative ability?”

Martha C: “Not another shaggy moon!”

Dawid S: “Sunny side up”

Stamp B: “Only a couple more floors to the stern:

Steve L: “Blue moon of Kentucky continue shinin”

Terry W: “Do these lifts go to the front of the ship”

Alison G: “Happy nobody is in here with me (toot)”

Terry W: “Ships Bingo Main concern as it were”

Patrica F: “Resembles the moon to me!”

David M: “We should check whether they can wipe THIS off the glass!!”

Tune S: “Stunning, no big surprise I didn’t see any squeezed ham on the smorgasbord!”

Daniel J: “The Wonkavator will never be the same”

Cori O: “Neon Moon haha”

Kevin T: “moonlight buffet”

Jesse S: “you make me laugh uncontrollably”

Sue M: Where is the Norwegian shipmate?”

Wulstan D: “Moonlightng… ”

RoxAnne P: “Moon Pie”

Sandy S: “Base’s up”

Cindy d: “Fly me to the moon”

Lisa Y: “Do the neon lights make my butt look enormous?”

Vic V: “We generally get a lot of dusk pics – now we have a moonset shot!”

Jim S: “Who killed the lights”

Tatiana W: “Hello, this isn’t the men’s room!”

Marsha S: “Hello here’s another approach to clean the window’s”

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