What Are The Witty Asian Habits and Traditions – #2!

We all have high respect for each other’s tradition because it had helped develop a country’s culture and honor. And when we say tradition, it’s a divine doctrine in which you can’t even joke about.

But of course, we all have witty minds that still find ways to make fun out of something. Here are the top 3 on our list of some of the weirdest and funny Asian Habits and Tradition.

A Warrior? Really?

Having a new car? In China, a “ghost warrior” is employed to do a ceremonial dance throughout the car while having a pack of “ghost money” Woah, I will feel safer after that!

Slurps! Slurp that Noodle!

Visiting Japan is one of my most amazing experience that I had in my life. All the beautiful places and polite Japanese people are on of the reasons why I would go back to this wonderful country. And one of the things that I will never forget is when I ate in a nice and cozy ramen house and heard some of the Japanese customer slurpings. A resounding slurping from them. Since I’m a foreigner I find it very odd and funny.But in Japan, its a way of showing appreciation for the soba on the loudness of your slurp.

Very Interesting

If you are planning to get married and wants a splendid wedding.You can be inspired by how Malay weddings are done. It’s a grand affair and a tradition prepared for a supremacy.

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